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Smashers are the latest collectible toys from ZURU that kids are sure to love, and following the amazing original series they’ve unleashed Series 2: the GROSS edition!

Throw and smash each eyeball to reveal one of 100 collectible gross characters inside. Each pack of smashers comes with the chance of a slime surprise (don’t worry, it’s packaged inside a wrapper in the eyeball)

and can include the glow in the dark characters or even the ultra rare characters!

Your kids can keep track of their gross collection with the included collectors guide or on the Smashers app where they can even interact with their collection of characters.

But the fun doesn’t end there-each Smashers eyeball can be rebuilt and re-smashed! Now, they aren’t too easy to rebuild. My kids can’t do it themselves but I help them to rebuild the eyeballs with one of the characters inside and they have a ball re-smashing them over and over.

How did my kids like them?

Oh. My. GAWSH.

It’s all we’ve been doing for 2 weeks. Smash, rebuild, smash again, playing with the characters and repeat. The kids LOVED finding the Slime Surprise balls and pulling the ooze off of the character to reveal what they got, and they got so excited when they got an ultra rare character in one of their Smashers! Who knew that something so simple would bring so much joy to a trio of boys?!

We think your kids will love these as much as we have loved ours, check it out:

You can find the new Series 2 Eyeball Smashers:

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