What To Eat To Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

After nursing three kids, I’ve gone through it all. From low supply to mastitis, you name it, I most likely had it. The worst though was when my production was low.

I remember it like it was yesterday and the stress that was involved, which I am sure didn’t help with the production either.

Lactation Cookie

Some you can order online and even some found at your local stores like Target. I think it’s fantastic these options are now becoming easily available. However, I’ve only personally noticed production boosts when I made them myself.

Blue Gatorade

Ok, so I know this isn’t technically a food and that it’s a weird thing to even say considering “blue” is just a color/flavor. However, this blue Gatorade has magical powers.


I’m sure you’ve heard people say that eating oats, like oatmeal, can help your milk supply, and there’s a reason why that’s normally the top-recommended food item. Not only is oatmeal delicious, but it’s a great source of iron, which a lot of mom’s are low on after having a baby.

Iron-rich food

Speaking of low iron, how often are you eating foods that are loaded with iron? Try eating more iron packed foods like spinach, beef, chicken, alfalfa and red raspberry leaf.

Raw Almond

Not only are almonds healthy and full of protein, but it’s been said that eating them could help to increase the sweetness, creaminess, and production amount. Honestly, this was my favorite snack to munch on when I was breastfeeding!

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