Wearing Your Little One In A Boba Wrap

Life in our household has changed more than I could have known, but I am slowly finding ways to make things a little easier and help our lives run a little more smooth.

This time? I NEED to wear my baby. Need. To. I can’t get anything done at all without wearing him, so I was tickled to get the chance to try out a Boba Wrap. 

The first time I didn’t pull it tight enough, so I tried again and got it just right! I was able to wear little Charlie all over doing errands with no trouble at all.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing Charlie in the Boba Wrap on walks, doing dinner, taking my oldest son to school and on all my errands. It is by far the most comfortable way to wear a newborn, and I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

My favorite part about the Boba Wrap is that I can leave it on all day, slipping baby into it when I need to keep him close! I wear it driving around and just slip baby into it before getting the other two kids out of the car.

Nursing in the Boba Wrap is such a breeze…I just make sure to wear a nursing tank under the wrap and simply slip the tank open and baby can nurse discreetly anywhere we are!

The Boba Wrap comes in several color options, and there’s sure to be one that fits your style! Boba Wraps are machine washable, so no worries about diaper blowouts or spit up incidents!

They hold babies from 7 to 35 pounds comfortably with several different wearing positions, so you can wear your little one well into their second year of life!

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