10 Ways to Make Going Back to School Fun!

If you have school-aged children, they are probably in denial and dreading the end of their summer fun. Or maybe you have a tot who’s off to nursery school or kindergarten for the first time this year and feeling a bit apprehensive.

Whether your kids are old pros at the back-to-school routine or doing it for the first time, there are ways you can make the process fun and less stressful for them.

10 Ways to Make Going Back to School Fun 1. Shopping

A couple weeks before school starts, make a big deal out of taking your kids to get their school supplies. Make a list beforehand and let them have fun choosing notebooks, pens, pencils and other items.

2. Breakfast

Getting kids to eat breakfast before school can be a bit of a battle. But on that very first day of school, try enticing them with their favorite blueberry pancakes or Belgium waffles.

3. Clothes

Couldn’t get your kids excited about buying those back-to-school supplies? Well, I’ll bet they will feel differently about a new wardrobe.

4. Labor Day Weekend

Nowadays, most kids start school sometime in mid to late August (although there are exceptions to this). This means they’ll have a long weekend (Labor Day) shortly after they go back to school.

5. Brain Busters

It’s time to start easing them into a schedule that involves some cerebral activity again. Make it fun with flashcards! Buy a couple new packs of flashcards suited to your child’s age and use them every night after dinner.

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