Want to Get Paid for Your Data? Try These 14 Apps

You may be surprised to learn that most apps, search engines, and social media platforms are constantly mining your data. You could opt to stay offline, avoid social networks, and refrain from using your mobile device to keep companies from gaining access to your user data. Or, instead, you could get paid for your data.

Information detailing the average person’s daily activities is incredibly valuable to big companies and vital to their operations, putting you in a great position to earn some extra cash.

Your Data is Worth Money

The basic premise of data collection is that as a customer or user engages with a business in different ways, the company collects data such as consumer behavior and online activity.

How to Get Paid for Your Data

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money in exchange for your personal and online data is by downloading free apps to your mobile device that pay you for your data. Most of the apps on this list need little attention from you beyond downloading the app and allowing it to run in the background as you go about your daily life.

Data Collection Apps

Data Collection Apps



As a Tapestri user, you can earn up to $25/mo monthly simply by sharing your anonymous location data. Tapestri truly puts the “passive” in “passive income,” as once you install and set up the app, no further interaction is necessary.


Comscore, a media measurement and analytics company, is responsible for developing MobileXpression, which gathers data based on your browsing history and duration.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Research developed the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, one of the largest consumer research companies. The company has been measuring television audiences since 1950 and is famous for its “Nielsen Ratings.”


Honeygain monitors your web usage and then reports the data to different companies. So, potentially, you could earn up to $19/mo if you install the application on three devices. That adds up to almost $230 a year simply for permitting Honeygain access to your web usage.

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