Want to Become an Airbnb Host? Here’s When and Where Rentals Generate The Most Money

Since Airbnb launched, hosts have earned approximately $60 billion in the United States, with women ranking as the highest-rated hosts. 

In the past 12 years, Airbnb hosts have earned $150 billion worldwide, with U.S. hosts earning a little less than half of the global total. Today’s typical Airbnb host in the U.S. earns $13,800, an increase of 85-percent over 2019.

Best Times of The Year to List a Rental

To maximize rental income, consider listing a property on Airbnb during peak travel periods. The top 2021 money-making periods were a mix of expected holidays with some surprises.

1. Labor Day Weekend

U.S. Hosts earned more than $140 million on Saturday, Sept 4, 2021, making it the highest rental income period of the year.

2. Memorial Day Weekend 

U.S rentals totaled more than $126 million. After a long winter of quarantine measures and nationwide vaccine availability, many Americans went out of town.

3. Thanksgiving 

U.S. Hosts, earned more than $112 million on Thanksgiving night rentals. Top cities for Thanksgiving Airbnb rentals include Orlando’s Kissimmee and San Diego.

4. Christmas 

On Christmas Eve, hosts earned more than $107 million, and on the Monday after Christmas, hosts earned more than $104 million.

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