Trendy Machine Washable Rugs From Lorena Canals

I love to decorate the spaces of my home beautifully and I try to stay trendy as much as I can. 

Basically, with three little guys in the house we try to stay ahead of the game while keeping the home looking as trendy and put together as possible.

The only thing that was missing was a fun rug that both the boys and myself would love without spending a fortune on something that might potentially get ruined in a kids room.

Enter Lorena Canals rugs. When I heard about these trendy rugs for kid spaces that were machine washable I just about did a happy dance!

Their selection of designs is adorable and I had a hard time deciding, so I left the choice up to my older son, who chose their World Map design. I loved the simplicity of the design and the neutral grey colors were perfect for fitting into the current look of their room.

Right away I was pleased with my son’s choice. It looks great in their shared room. The boys all love to stand on different countries or continents and learn all about where they are standing-a little education mixed into our play!

This rug is equally as soft and cozy as it is adorable. My boys love to play barefoot on it because the plush cotton feels amazing under those chubby baby toes. You can machine wash and tumble dry any messes that may happen, so I don’t have to worry that my boys might ruin this gorgeous rug.

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