Travel Checklist for Your Next Trip!

With 33% of people packing their bags only 24 hours before their trip, it is easy to see why two-thirds of people overpack their suitcase, one-third still forget to pack something!

One way to alleviate some of that travel-related stress is to be prepared by using a travel checklist or two. Doing so will help to ensure you pack what you need (without forgetting anything) and are prepared before you leave on your trip. 

Finishing Your Travel Checklist: Things To Pack

Finishing Your Travel Checklist: Things To Pack

Now that you’ve considered your traveling needs, it’s time to finalize your travel checklist. You may not need to bring everything listed below, but build your own travel checklist for each trip by running through the items below. 

1. Travel Documents

– Passport and other identification  – Reservations: hotel, car rental, excursion – A copy of your boarding pass – either printed or saved as a photo on your cell phone – Any COVID-related documentation (test results, immunization card, etc.) – Map or guidebook – Your itinerary

2. Clothing

– A nice outfit – in case you decide to go for a fancy dinner or to see a show – Several casual outfits – preferably one per day, per person – A sweater or hoodie – Socks, underwear, and other delicate – Swimwear – if there’s a swimming pool or beach

3. Toiletries & Medications

– A toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental flo – Hand sanitizer – Deodorant – A comb or hairbrush – Hairstyling products and styling tool – Soap and face wash

4. Travel Essentials

– Cash, credit cards, and debit card – Cellphone and charger – Sunglasse – A bag or large purse – Laundry bag for dirty clothe – Electrical converter or travel adaptor – if traveling to another country.

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