7 Tips to Encourage Your Kids (and The Whole Family) to Be More Active

Being physically active is important for all ages, kids included! If you have kids who drag their feet when it comes to being active or simply prefer to play video games all day, but you want them to be more active?? Then you’re in luck!

Today I’m sharing some of the best tips to encourage your kids to be more active. Whether it’s a daily walk, moving around while playing their favorite game, or opting to use exercise equipment for kids, I have the solutions for you.

The Benefits of Active Kid

– Builds and maintains healthy bones. – Improves mental health. – Encourages healthy body mass index. – Boosts behavioral health. – Encourages happier and healthier children. – Promotes positive mindsets.

7 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to be More Active

7 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to be More Active

1. Do it Together

One of the best ways to encourage your kids to be more active is to be a good role model. Find new ways to incorporate physical activity into your family life.

2. Limit TV and Electronic Time

Set aside a specific time where the kids are allowed to partake in electronic time. You can create a schedule that shows what hours the kids can use electronics for fun, education, and other needs.

3. Focus on Fun

Don’t forget to make the process fun for your kids. When you focus on fun and place an emphasis on laughter during physical activity time, your kids will enjoy themselves and be more apt to beg for active time again.

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