The Ultimate Lego Birthday Party

Having a family on a budget I’ve learned to get a little creative with birthday party planning for my two little guys. 

My oldest son, Brayden, had recently become obsessed with Legos (as most little boys do) and when he requested a Lego party I knew this was something I could definitely run with. 

I gathered a lot of my inspiration from the oodles of impressive DIY projects and parties. I was pumped and to the craft store I went.

The banner was handmade. Well … almost. With the help of my mother-in-law’s cricut, cutting all those perfect little circles was easy! Lord knows I couldn’t do it by hand.

Some cardstock, glue, spools of ribbon, and those nifty little double-sided scrapbooking rounds to bring my Legos to life, and voila! I added some multi-colored streamers and balloons and I had my backdrop.

I made a few extra Legos and glued them onto some colored paper bags I found in the party aisle at Walmart. One of my party favors was inspired by the Lego banner. I duplicated the same pattern, but just made them a little bit smaller.

I took some small plastic treat bags and put in some crayons (that I stocked up on during school shopping season) and just stapled the “Legos” on. You can’t beat cheap boxes of crayons!

I also had a few cardboard boxes, so I decided to make my own dessert stands by punching holes in the boxes and wrapping them in solid colored paper.

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