18 Road Trip Destinations Within One Day’s Drive

I always wanted to join my mother when she ran errands as a kid. There were so many fun things to do!  Now, as an adult, running errands have lost their luster. 

If you are constantly running errands, then you want to know how to maximize your money and time best when running errands. Here are some tips.

1. Buy In Bulk

If done correctly, buying in bulk at the grocery store will save you time and money. Buying in bulk is often cheaper and will save you from going to the store often.

2. People On The Move: Use Your GPS

Traveling all over town to run errands can be exhausting and irritating. Use a GPS to minimize time wasted and money spent.

3. Choose the Store or Location with The Maximum Savings and Efficiency

You can research and find a shopping strip with the most locations you need and do your shopping there. Get as much done in one spot as possible, even if it costs you more.

4. Know The Lay Of The Land

You can plan your actual shopping trips. Many stores have apps that can tell you where in the store items are located. Make a list and plan the store you need to go.

5. Use Your Time Wisely

If you take public transport, you can send emails, make lists, make calls, send texts, and otherwise do administrative tasks. You can even order items online and save yourself time.

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