The ‘Bridgerton’ Wishlist: Must-Have’s for Season 3 and Beyond

In a surprise to no one, the second season of Bridgerton was possibly even more highly anticipated than the first. Within days of its release, it became the number one English language series on Netflix.

The greatest strength of the season ultimately led to its greatest flaw, which was that in dragging out the pining for so long it became stressful and frustrating for many.

First Suggestion: Stick Closer to the Heart of the Book

I hope that Season 3, likely based on Benedict’s book An Offer From a Gentleman sticks closer to the heart of the story, and to what makes Benedict and Sophie work as a couple, rather than padding out their romance with interference from every side character imaginable.

Second Suggestion: Include Anthony and Kate in the Intrigue

It’s easy to imagine Anthony and Kate filling this role in the next season. Indeed, the writers would be remiss not to capitalize on the tremendous popularity of their characters, whose chemistry was truly the saving grace in an unevenly paced season.

Third Suggestion: Once Again, Redemption for Penelope

I cannot believe I’m saying this again, but the writers do remember Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) is meant to be one of the romantic leads on this show, right?

Fourth Suggestion: The Continuing Sir Philip Problem

The one assessment I absolutely will not change from last year’s wishlist is this: there is absolutely no way Eloise’s book To Sir Philip, With Love can be kept as it is without losing half the audience, and then some.

Fifth Suggestion: Stop Leaving Francesca Behind

Where is Francesca (Ruby Stokes)? Seriously. Season 1 had her off with an aunt in Bath practicing her piano. Season 2 had her present with her siblings until they all departed Aubrey Hall…and presumably left her behind.

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