The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

I love to hold my babies. I snuggle with them, rock them, and sing to them. It’s a bonding time for us, and I cherish it.

 I’m a mom of 3 boys. I am BUSY and I can’t always cradle and snuggle my littlest one the way, so I need a place to lay baby down where he is happy and comfortable as if he were in mama’s arms.

Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft! This bouncer chair is Charlie’s new favorite thing and it offers me a wonderful break for me to be able to help my other two boys.

This simple chair has been used by moms all over since it was first introduced over 50 years ago-that’s right 50 years! A product that stands the test of that kind of time is a keeper.

It is ergonomically designed to provide your baby with proper head and back support. The fitted fabric seat molds itself to your baby’s body and evenly distributes the weight.

The Bouncer Balance Soft can recline in three different positions making it easy to sit baby up or lay him down for nap time! It folds completely flat for easy storage when not in use also for travel!

When flat, the Bouncer Balance Soft slips easily in your trunk along with your other gear or travel luggage. Unlike other baby bouncers, this one lasts longer for use.

My 18 month old LOVES to bounce in it and then sit back to relax while we read a story or watch a movie! What a great feature to have chair that can take your child from newborn to toddler so easily!

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