5 Cute and Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles!

It’s back to school time and you know what that means rushing to get everything done and get everyone out the door on time! 

 If your house is anything like mine, things can get a little bit crazy in the morning. Sometimes fixing hair isn’t a top priority. But I want to make sure my daughter always looks nice.

Before heading to school. Here are five easy, quick and cute school hairstyles that only require a brush with pony tail holders or a clip/barrette.

Style 1: The low, side ponytail: Simply brush your daughter’s hair and put it in a pony tail that sits over the shoulder.

Style 2: Side braid: Same as the side pony tail, only braid the hair instead. Don’t know how to do a braid?

Style 3: Side clip: Keeping your daughter’s hair down, part her hair on the side. Use a barrette or clip to pull just a little bit to the side, keeping her hair out of her eyes.

Style 4: Small side braid: Similar to clipping some hair in style three, part your daughter’s hair on the side. Take a small amount of hair from the top by the part and braid it.

Style 5: Piggy tails! What little girl doesn’t look adorable in pig tails? Simply part your daughter’s hair down the middle and put it in two pony tails.

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