Starbucks Introduces Hot Cocoa K-Cups!

We love to stay cozy in our home on those colder evenings with the fireplace and blankets with mugs of hot cocoa and a movie with popcorn.

Heating up the milk and adding the chocolate is a nice perk to having extra time, but I’ve been dreaming of a hot cocoa k-cup that tastes good and not watered down.

When I heard that Starbucks was introducing K-Cups with their delicious creamy Hot Cocoa in not just the original flavor but my guilty pleasure Salted Caramel as well I jumped at the chance to test them out!

Starbucks sent over their new Cozy Collection for us to check out. It’s a box of goodies to make the perfect cozy night at home, along with samples of the new Hot Cocoa K-Cups!

I was so pleased with the quality that matches the Starbucks K-Cups that are already on the market. Rich, delicious flavor and not at all watered down like other cocoa k-cup pods I’ve tried in the past!

They use real cocoa and nonfat milk in each pod, making it so very close to what you get in Starbucks-but you don’t have to leave home to get it! You can have delicious Starbucks Hot Cocoa at the touch of a button!

Want to bring home your own Cozy Collection? Each Cozy Collection includes: 1. A special blanket, perfect for snuggling, cuddling or snoozing. 2. A mug to fill with cocoa for a tasty, cozy treat. Full list is given in the blog post!

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