Sleep Training A Baby Who Needs Rocked To Sleep

When you have a baby who won’t sleep through the night (or at all!), life seems to whiz by while ticking away slowly.

There are way, way, way too many ways to sleep train. It can really get frustrating because some of them contradict others, some tell you that you’re abusing your child if you do it any other way.

I am going to share with you the method we used (taking ideas from several books, sites, other parents and my own experience) in hopes that it may help you get a full nights sleep soon.

1. Routine

We woke up at a certain time, took naps at certain times, ate at certain times and went to bed at certain times. This was hard for us, but we got the kids into a routine that helped us to go on to the next step a little easier.

2. Routine

Wait…didn’t she already say that?! Yep, but this time I’m talking bed time routine. If you aren’t already, start a bedtime routine that you repeat every night.

3. Sleep Training Program

Slowly start to implement the training of your choice.Your child is used to comfort and jumping straight into putting them to bed can be a little traumatic. Take your time and do what feels best for you and baby.

Our Sleep Training Program:

For us, it took 5 nights to get him to go down alone, but another 4-5 days for him to go down without crying.

Our Sleep Training Program:

It truly has changed our lives so so much-a friend recently commented just how much happier Theo and I both are now. Sleeplessness affects you, your baby, your life.

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