Simply Made Sunday: Simple Felt Board

This week’s Simply Made Craft is a craft-store aisle inspiration. I’ve been trying to find something to go on Miles’s wall next to his bed because the big blank space was bothering me.  

What you need:

• A poster frame with plastic “glass” • Felt • One or two small squares of each color you want  • Adhesive. • Scissor • Letters printed from your computer and cut out as stencil

Any size frame you want is fine, too! Make it big or small. You can buy bulk felt letters and numbers from teacher-supply stores pretty cheap, if you want to save a TON of cutting time.

Smooth out any wrinkles or bubble. Flip it over, pull the un-glued felt back and repeat the adhesive step on the back of your “glass.”

Place your felt-covered “glass” into your frame, then replace the back of the poster frame to secure it. This may be a little tricky since you’ve added to the size, but it will work!

Now, hang it on the wall and you’re almost finished! Trace out your letter stencils (I used the font “Rockwell Bold” because it was nice and thick) onto your remaining felt and cut them out.

Give all the shapes and letters to your little one and let them go nuts! We love to play games with it. I’ll place a letter up, and Miles has to tell me what it is.

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