When I started the adventure of decorating my newest son’s nursery, I wanted to have a mix of purchased and home made art in his room.

When I wanted to display my new little guy’s name-Theo- on the wall somewhere I knew it had to not only stand out and be a major piece in the room, I also wanted something different and colorful.


- Wood in the size you want for the art - Wood Stain - Embroidery Floss - Nails - Hammer - Printed Letters

We used scrap wood from a project my husband had made, but you can go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of cheap wood in the size you want.


Next, you’ll want to start hammering your nails into the wood. I started by nailing all the outer corners, then evenly distributing the nails along the lines of each letter.


Once you finish nailing all around the letters, take off the paper and tape and you are left with a nailed outline of your word/name!


Tie the end of your first color onto a corner of your first letter. Start by wrapping the string along the outline of the letter, making sure to loop the string around each corner nail.


Once your letter is outlined, start to randomly wrap the string around nails all over the letter, filling it in with string.

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