Simply Made Sunday: Home Is Where The Heart I

I grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We went to the west coast, and I've been in Northern California with a brief stop in Minnesota.

A patterned piece of scrapbook paper A solid color piece of scrapbook paper (or printer paper) A Red marker (or paint) outline of your state ** Gluestick Scissor

You’ll need: 

First, cut out the outline of your state then trace it backwards on the back of your patterned scrapbook paper. If you cut the scrapbook paper down to 8.5″ 

Cut the state out of the scrapbook paper. (mine was double sided…don’t get confused…)

Color a heart over the city you live (this doesn’t have to be accurate unless you want it to be. I just went “general vicinity”) in a red or pink marker

cover the back in glue

Stick it to the solid colored paper, centering it.

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