Simply Made: Painted Mountains Wall Art

I recently redecorated my master bedroom. We moved in four years ago and had decorated all but our master.

Our room had just one wall painted and it was the most awful baby poop brown color. I hated the color and it finally got to me one day so I declared that it was time to make it our own. 

I love the new look in my room! I WANT to be in there! It’s done in neutral colors that my husband and I both loved and we used curtains we had bought at Ikea years ago as our color palate.

One of the hurdles of decorating the room was finding simple art for the wall space above our lamps. I wanted it to have the natural element feel and to bring in some of the colors on the curtains that we hadn’t used yet-greens!

At that point I did what I usually do when I can’t find something I like- I make something I like!

I went to Home Depot and picked out a paint sample card of a range of greenish greys I thought would work and had them make me sample sizes of every color on the card. This is a great way to get the “ombre” look with paint without having to fade it yourself with white!

I started by making squiggly lines horizontally across my canvasses in light pencil. Some overlapped, some had many peaks while some had only a few…there was absolutely no method to the lines

I started with the darkest color on bottom and let the shades get lighter all the way up to the top. I first painted the first, third and fifth levels, let them dry and then did the second, fourth and sixth levels.

And there you have it! Custom made paintings that are pretty much paint by number! These are so impressive looking without a lot of effort which is my favorite kind of project!

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