ScholarShare: Giving the Gift of a College Savings Plan

College is expensive. Whether you are at a trade school, a university, or a community college, the expenses add up. Have you thought about your child’s college future? 

You may be thinking “well, I will worry about this when my children are older,” but before we know it our adorable, fun-spirited toddler turns into an independent, grown.

Collecting funds for each child before birth

My husband and I have been putting money away for our children since before they were born. Once we found out we were pregnant with each child we would add what we could to a fund made out just for them, for their future.

Inviting ScholarShare at dinner

Earlier this month I was invited to a very special dinner with the folks from ScholarShare. During our dinner we learned all that ScholarShare is doing to help us when it comes to paying that college tuition in the state of California.

A little about ScholarShare

– ScholarShare accounts may be opened with as little as $25. – ScholarShare offers 19 investment portfolios, giving account holders more.

Gifting From ScholarShare

With ScholarShare, it’s easy to give the gift of a college education to a child or loved one. Anyone can open an account as a gift and, through ScholarShare’s eGifting option, family and friends can make a contribution to an existing account.

Gift of Education Certificate 

After you’ve opened the account and made a contribution, you can download a “Gift of Education Certificate,” which is available in a holiday theme. The gift certificates can be framed, placed in a card or wrapped with a bow.

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