The Ultimate Schitts Creek Gift Guide For Fans

Schitts Creek has taken the world by storm and we are just as obsessed as you all are too.

Don’t miss out on giving the most memorable gift this year because there is nothing a Schitts Creek fan would love more than one of these ab-solutely fabulous gifts!

A Very Schitty Coloring Book

This coloring book 10 lovely pages of coloring, puzzles and activities and would make the perfect gift with some chic coloring pencils!

Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt

Promote your favorite shop to buy locally sourced products that are handcrafted with care by wearing this cozy crew neck Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. It’s perfect to wear while you dance to “Simply the Best”.

David’s Shirt Ornaments

Hang some of David’s iconic sweaters on your Christmas tree to give it the ultimate Schitts Creek look. My favorite lightning bolt sweater is included in the set, as is 5 other amazing looks.

Fold In The Cheese Board

This cheeseboard is bound to make any Schitts fan giggle every time they use it and think of that hilarious scene.

Rosebud Motel Keychain

Vintage style motel keychain is a nod to the Motel that the Roses live in in Schitt’s Creek.

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