Rustic Woodland Themed Baby Shower

I love throwing baby showers, maybe even more so than throwing birthday parties. Its very theme-centric, there are a million ideas for every theme and I get to use my glue gun, a lot!

So, if you are looking for a theme, or you chose this theme and need some awesome ideas, here we will show you how we threw the most EPIC DIY Woodland Creatures Baby Shower. 


1. Welcome Sign  2. Mama-to-Be Chair  3. Swing and Garlands  4. The Present Panels  5. The Headpieces  6. The Little Details  7. Utensil Holders  8. Custom Mason Jars  9. Woodland Creatures 10. Moss covered Letters and more!


1. Magic Mushroom 2. Lettuce Wrap 3. Salmon Sandwiches 4. Foraged Green 5. Woodland Cupcake 6. Cake 7. Mom-osa Bar 8. The Trail Mix Bar

The Favor

Real Green Love:  I absolutely love succulents and making lasting favors. So it was a no-brainer for me to create a cute little succulent party favor that guests can take home and enjoy for months to come.


I came up with a few activities that would be fun for everyone and would leave a lasting memory for the mama-to-be and for baby. 1. Time Capsule 2. Love the bump 3. Advice for Mama-to-be

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