A Guide to the Pokémon Regions and Landmarks You Can Visit 

When you hear Pokémon, you might think of one of two things. The first is that this franchise defined your childhood, and you’re still a fan all these years later.  

Or, your child is obsessed with the universe and constantly talks about the characters, games, shows, and Pokemon regions. 

Don’t brush it off as just cards or video games if it’s the latter. In addition to an activity encouraging reading, math, and strategy skills, Pokemon can also be a tool to introduce your children to countries worldwide.

If you’re looking to plan a vacation to a destination that the whole family will enjoy, here are Pokemon regions and landmarks that you can visit IRL. 

The Kanto Region

Tokyo Metropolis – Tokyo is home to the first and largest Pokémon Center retail store, where shoppers can purchase Poké merchandise you can’t find at home, like stuffed animals, clothing, and everything in between.

The Johto Region

Osaka –It is the largest city in the Johto region and one of the largest cities in the Pokémon world. The city boasts the Goldenrod Radio Tower, the city’s Department Store, Game Corner, Name Rater, Magnet Train, Global Terminal, and a gym in the games.

The Hoenn Region

Okinawa Island – Okinawa is known as the “Hawaii of Japan” and the birthplace of karate. Ever Grande City is based on this tropical island featuring crystal blue water and rich greenery in the games.

The Sinnoh Region

Biei Town and Furano City – Floaroma Town is known for bright and vivid rows of flower beds. That’s precisely what Biei Town and Furano City are known for. Visitors can take a trip and frolic through vibrant flower fields.

The Unova Region

New York City – The game’s Castelia City mimics Manhattan’s bustling metropolis. Key features that directly tie the Unova region to the Big Apple are Central Park New York Botanical Garden Grand Central Station.

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