Build a Pet-Care Side Hustle Business Through Rover

Like Uber, TaskRabbit and Instacart, Rover connects independent contractors with folks who require their particular services, in this case, vetted pet sitters with needy pet owners.  

In exchange 20% of the booked amount – half what the next leading dog walking app charges – Rover gives their self-employed contractors a platform for their business, as well as providing insurance and assurance for pet owners. 

Matching Rover to Your Schedule

As a Rover sitter you’ll have complete control over what pet jobs you book and when. Customizable options within the Rover app allow you endless ways to adapt pet sitting to your existing lifestyle.

Getting Started

Add your personal information and experience with animals, and customize your preferences for potential jobs and select which services you’re looking to offer.

Add Photo

Your profile photo should be a clear representation of your face. Other photos should focus on your experience and relationship with animals, with regard to what services you might offer.


It can be difficult to land a pet-job without references, so Rover requires that you request testimonials from at least three friends. The app allows you to send them a request via email, so be sure to mention it to them before plugging in their information.

What to Expect

Expect most new clients to desire a meet and greet. Whether you are walking their dog or staying at their house for several days, they want to get a sense of how you are with their pet(s) and go over specifics.

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