PBS Is So Much More Than TV Shows

We have a long time love for PBSKids shows, and earlier this year we were invited by PBS to become a part of their exclusive PBSKids VIP program!

I wanted to share with you, We went along with other bloggers in the VIP program to interact and listen in some of the amazing meetings that went on during PBS’s annual meeting.

I loved hearing from the fabulous Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer of the show! She chatted with us about what the upcoming 44th season will bring, and I will be sharing that with you soon!

The VIPs had the chance to break away (just us!) to chat withPaula Kerger, the President and CEO of PBS, Carol-Lynn, Rosita and Ismael Cruz Cordova who plays Armando.

We also had an amazing meeting about PBSKids programming and media, and how the two are so well integrated! My household was already PBSKids.org and PBSKids apps fan.

The PBSKids programming meeting had us floored. It came right after an educational panel that had my jaw dropping about statistics of our young children entering Kindergarten.

PBS sees the need for greater early education, and I was just so impressed with their plan to make educational programming and digital media all about education.

Speaking of educational purpose, just WAIT until you get a peek at the newest show to hit PBSKids, Peg+Cat (that’s Peg plus Cat).

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