Need Furniture?! Why Not Build It?

Sure there’s some great places with cheaper furniture, but I have a son. Who is quickly becoming a crazy BOY. 

Now, we’re not the most amazing craftsmen around here, but my husband knows his way around tools, and I know how to tell him he’s looking good using them. 

Ana White’s website is the Do-It-Yourself-er’s best friend. She’s a mom/homemaker with a need to build furniture of all kinds, and she shares her plans with the world!

Her plans are detailed with amazing instruction and visuals that make it a breeze to follow. With a little knowledge of tools, these plans can be carried out by most anyone!

The quality of Miles’s bed is fantastic, as we were able to pick the wood (we used solid pine) and my husband carefully made sure that it was solid as a rock. That thing will hold up to all the bed jumping, play fighting, fort making, tantrum having years ahead.

You can make it whatever color you want! We went back and forth between staining it to look traditional, or painting it

My next project from Ana’s website will be either a desk or Dining room table. And by “My next project” I mean my husband’s.