Munchkin LATCH Makes Breast to Bottle Transition Smooth

I am currently breastfeeding my third child. With the first two, I introduced the bottle early on and pumped often to keep an extra supply on hand and allow others to help with feeding them. 

This time around, I took a different approach. I did introduce a bottle early on, but I’m not pumping nearly as much as I did with my first two, and Charlie has really only used a bottle twice in his 9 weeks of life. 

I have been introducing the bottle a little more with Charlie recently and really wanted a bottle that was very similar to the breast since he didn’t have much experience with bottles.

The Munchkin LATCH bottle was designed to ease baby’s transition from breast to bottle and back. The one-of-a-kind LATCH nipple moves, stretches, and works just like the breast, helping baby latch easily and correctly.

To make the transition easy, bottle flow needs to mimic the flow from the breast. The LATCH bottle was developed with Lactation Consultants and mimics the breast by releasing more milk as baby pushes against the nipple’s base.

There are three different nipple flow stages to mimic the different stages, increasing flow as baby grows.

The LATCH bottle offers colic relief without the extra pieces and parts. The accordion-style LATCH nipple moves along with baby, allowing them to maintain her latch-decreasing ingestion of air, and the valve located at the bottom of the LATCH bottle reduces gas and fussiness.

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