Motivate Me Monday: The Zumba Dance Revolution!

Are you looking for a fun way to stay in shape and keep you looking forward to your daily workouts?  It’s time to try Zumba! 

It’s truly the first workout that I haven’t started to dread after about a week and I always keep coming back for more. It is a fun exercise you can do with your friends or kids, and you will be feeling great and in shape in no time!

5 Reasons to Try Zumba: 1. Tons of calories burned

According to a study on Huffington Post, the average number of calories burned was 817 in an hour! That’s more than I would burn running for an hour!

2. Gain killer abs, buns and legs

You will constantly be shaking those hips and squatting in different dance positions, which is great for your abs and lower body.

3. You will be put in a good mood

Your mood and a positive outlook is so important when it comes to health. Every time I attend a class, everyone is laughing, clapping and smiling.

4. The time will fly by

How many of you watch the clock when you are on the treadmill?  I always did and I felt like my workouts were a chore. With Zumba, the hour will fly by and you will be surprised at how much fun you had!

5. You can do it with your kids

Zumba even offers a kid-friendly program called Zumbatonic, and many health clubs offer these classes to kids ranging from ages four to 12 years.

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