Motivate Me Monday - Healthy Eating Tips

I think most people would agree that eating organic is ideal, but many moms choose to buy conventional foods because they think organic foods are too expensive. I too, am a mom that is on a budget, so I understand that there are times when I cannot afford to buy organic food.

However, I have been able to find a few ways to find organic foods cheaper, so I thought I would offer some quick tips to buying organic without breaking your bank.

Grow your own

There are so many things that you can grow in your own back yard! You can grow tons of fruits and vegetables and have them fresh and readily available for cooking at anytime. Live in the city? No problem—find a local community garden where you can plant fruits and veggies or you can plant a few things on your deck.

Farmer’s market

There has been debate about whether farmer’s markets are cheaper or not, but it is worth checking out your local farmer’s markets to compare prices. Some of the smaller markets actually do have much cheaper prices and I have found a few by my house with produce up to 30 percent cheaper than my local supermarket.

Buy in season

Not only with the produce taste much better, it will be cheaper.  Tailor your recipes to cook with in season ingredients to save money.  I also find that my son is more willing to eat certain fruits and vegetables when they are in-season which is an added bonus!

Freeze your produce when you find a deal

My husband and I take a trip to visit family in Michigan every summer and we like to load up on local produce while there. The blueberries and corn on the cob we find there are not only in-season but so fresh and tasty.

Only buy as much fresh produce as your family is going to eat

One of the biggest expenses is wasting food!  Shop often and only buy what you are going to eat for the next 5 days. Be sure to eat all of your fresh produce first before reaching into the pantry for packaged goods. It will encourage your family to eat healthier and will also save you money.

Buy certain items in bulk

We all know that buying in bulk can save quite a few pennies over time.  Buying items such as organic cereals, grains, nuts and dried fruits are great to buy in bulk because they will keep much longer than produce.

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