Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Last weekend our family traveled to Anaheim, CA and we were so lucky to have been given tickets to Medieval Times in Buena Park. 

Medieval Times is a two hour show with a four course banquet that includes competition between Knights and takes place in a huge Castle. 

When you enter the Castle every person is greeted as Lord and Lady, which my 5 year old just loved. We were then given a folded paper crown that comes in the color of your Knight.

The entire staff is dressed up in costume and plays the part very well. After receiving your crown the entire family gets to take a photo with the King before heading further into the castle.

While waiting for the show to begin the children each picked out a light up sword but they had so much fun with this before the show started.

Once we sat down the staff started to get everyone’s drink order right away. They were very fast at incorporating the meal into the show so that you always had something in front of you.

Medeival Times has a 4 course menu that is included with the show. 1. Tomato Bisque Soup 2. Flat Bread 3. Roasted Chicken 4. Spare Rib 5. Potatoes

When the show first starts you get to watch several awesome performances. The first one is with one of the horses doing tricks and running around the stadium.