Making Those Easy Dinner Recipes Even Quicker

There is nothing better than trying a delicious new recipe or cooking a yummy meal for your family. However, with our busy lives so often, we have great ideas and plans but no time to put them together! 

These quick dinner ideas will get your supper on the table in record time and keep you from hitting the order button on your food delivery app.

Buy meat in bulk or stock up when it is on sale and freeze it in individual portions. If you have extra time- cook or season the meat for your favorite recipes to make it even easier and faster for you!

Cook and freeze small portions of basic building blocks that you can throw into a recipe. You can make stock, caramelized onions, sauteed vegetables, basic cream sauces, and other ingredients you find yourself needing a lot.

Create a rotation of meals that you constantly have in your house. Keep a set shopping list of all the ingredients you need to have in your house at all times.

When you have extra time, make doubles of recipes that freeze well and keep your freezer stocked with an extra meal or two (or more), so you always have something to eat.

Quick Pasta Recipes to Make Dinner a Breeze

Pasta is the Queen of cheap and easy foods. I love making pasta for my family as a quick, easy supper because it is so versatile- I leave some plain for those very picky eaters who won’t eat anything.

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