Lillebaby Complete Carrier

I have used several carriers now and each one has it’s benefits and reasons that I like it, but recently I found out about a carrier that has it all. 

It is the líllébaby COMPLETE Carrier! it is complete in every way. The folks at líllébaby were on a mission to design a baby carrier that was complete in every way; complete in comfort, functionality.

The líllébaby COMPLETE can carry your little one in every position, from birth to 45 pounds! This carrier is made to fit every parent’s need out there, no matter your preference baby wearing position!

I have always preferred carrying baby facing in towards me. Let’s talk about some of the other great features of this carrier:

COMFORT: The Líllébaby COMPLETE carrier has this super awesome padded lumbar support in the back that makes it oh so easy to wear.

BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY: Simply let out the side straps a bit and baby is ready to eat comfotably on the go!

BETTER FIT FOR BABY: I love the adjustable cupped seating, allowing for a more comfortable ergonomic carry at a younger age OR facing out (6+months).

The COMPLETE carrier also has a longer torso than other similar carriers, The neck support adds a good deal of length to the torso, and helps hold your wiggly baby’s head in a safe position.

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