How Learning Through Experience Can Set Your Child Up For Success

Have you ever wondered how you could encourage your child’s learning? Simple ways to help set the stepping-stones for a successful education? There are so many tools out there but one of my favorites is through hands-on, interactive play.

Because this method is important, not only do we use it in my home, but my children have developed a love for learning! Incorporating play with learning will not only get children excited, but it’ll help them to retain what they are being taught.

A great activity to build their executive function that we personally like to do is all about colors!

I’ve been working with my younger children on blending colors. Learning their primary colors, blending them and having fun learning that when you mix certain colors, they can create another color of the rainbow.

To do this, we make rainbow-colored ice cubes. This is just one activity you can use rainbow ice cubes for, however, there are so many more like matching, watercolor paint projects, and problem-solving with addition and subtraction. The options are truly endless.

To get started with color blending, you will need to make the ice cubes ahead of time. I personally chose to do it by myself this time, however, you can easily have your children help you and turn it into a fun science project.

I added 2 drops of food coloring per cube space (except yellow, I only used one drop per cube space) and then added in the water before freezing. Once frozen, it was time to play! I made several cups of water and then added food coloring to each cup

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