Kid-O-Bunk Bunk Bed Cots

Traveling with kids can be complicated. I usually over-pack. We can never fit all the suitcases, toys, stroller, crib, cooler, and boxes of wine without packing.

Over the years of traveling with kids I have found some of the most useful products to make our family trips just a little easier on me. This year’s new travel essential for my boys is the Kid-O-Bunk.

With three boys and family all over the U.S. this seemed like an answer to the space problem while traveling! So we got a set before the upcoming summer vacation season so that we could be prepared and take up a lot less space! Here’s what we love about our Kid-O-Bunk cots.


The Kid-O-Bunk cots break down easily into two separate carry bags. They have shoulder straps for easy transfer from point A to point B, and are flat-making storage and roadtrip packing simple!


We love that these cots can be used so many different ways. WHERE you use them-camping, hotel rooms, grandma’s house, sleepovers etc. Don’t worry about how dirty they get, either! The bed decks are machine washable.

Included Organizer

This is such a cool feature. Each cot has a velcro area to attach an included organizer. This way, each child can place their books, personal belongings and even shoes while camping!


 No Tools. I have a very handy husband who owns every tool there is, but I love that there’s no need to pull out any screwdrivers or wrenches to build these cots.


They snap together easily and securely and use a simple buckle strap to add extra security in keeping the top and bottom bunks stacked together tightly.

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