Ivar’s Salmon House: Seattle Restaurant With A View

Ivar’s has several locations throughout Seattle and Washington, but for our family Ivar’s Salmon House was the perfect choice.

Seattle is known to have some of the best and freshest seafood around so when we headed there for our family vacation the search for the best seafood restaurant began.

Ivar’s Salmon House is an award winning seafood restaurant with an amazing view of Seattle. Whether you choose to sit outside or inside, the views are spectacular.

When our server arrived he greeted us with the most amazing muffins I have ever eaten. These cornbread muffins are completely delicate and served with a lavender butter.

Once we got settled we decided to open up our menus and order some appetizers. Ivar’s Salmon House offered some of the most unique appetizers. With items like Dungeness Crab and Goat Cheese Dip.

We also decided to try their famous clam chowder and salmon chowder, after all… it’s what they are known for! If you are looking for a great clam chowder THIS IS IT!

The salmon chowder was equally delicious and packed with a lot of flavor. I bet it would be really good inside of a bread bowl. I recommend trying this if you like salmon.

After dinner we walked to the dock where we saw so many boats pull up to. During the summer you can often see boats pull up the dock for a quick bite to eat at Ivar’s Fish Bar.

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