I Didn’t Bond With My Newborn

I need to start this by saying that I love my son and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is the reason I push hard every day to provide a life he deserves. He and my other son are my world.

I am writing this to let other mom’s know that it’s ok if you don’t feel a bond right away. It’s ok if you’re scared to mother this human being you just met.

I was a young mom and my pregnancy was unplanned. My children’s father and I had just rekindled our relationship after being broken up for about four years.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. We both cried. Me, worried tears. Him, happy tears. My immediate thought was that my parents were going to be so disappointed.

As time went on, my parents grew attached to the idea of being grandparents and fell in love with the little baby growing inside my belly. I, on the other-hand, was way too sick to even think about being excited.

Morning sickness struck with a vengeance. I was miserable. I couldn’t hold anything down, I was in and out of the hospital thanks to dehydration, my legs would cramp, my face broke out, I passed out a few times.

Everything you can imagine that could happen, did. I remember laying in bed crying to my boyfriend and praying to God to help me.

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