How to Transition from a Nursery to a Toddler Room

When you find out you’re pregnant, you spend so much time thinking about all the little details. What your newborn will wear when they come home from the hospital, what car seat will safely carry them, if you’ll breastfeed or bottle-feed, what their nursery will look like, and what crib and mattress they’ll sleep in.

When my son started getting bigger and outgrew his crib, I did what most parents do, I transitioned him into a toddler bed. After all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? This isn’t my first rodeo.

So how do you transition your child’s nursery to a toddler room? 

Declutter the toys – If you don’t have a toy box or basket, you can get one affordably at Target or online on Amazon. Toys are bulky and can make a nice space look a mess. Getting a toy box not only will keep the clutter down, but it’ll make clean up time a lot easier.

Replace some of the nursery decor with decor pieces that are more universal. Pieces you can keep around as your child gets older. Make a fun art day out of it and have your toddler paint a few canvases and place them around their room for personalized pops of color.

Choose universal wall art

Find a new bed frame 

Since you’ll be transitioning your toddler from their crib, it’s essential to find a bed frame that can grow with them.

Now that they’re older, they can finally start using a pillow! We love the Little LuuF Shilouette Support Pillow. Not only is it a perfect size for their little heads, but this patented two-piece pillow packs contoured comfort and allergen relief into every squeezable square inch.

Get a toddler pillow

Invest in a mattress that’s made for their growing bodies

What your toddler is sleeping on is important. Knowing how the mattress is made, what’s in it and where it’s coming from should be something parents should research.

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