How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Better at Night

They say no baby is alike and that couldn’t be more true. I have three beautiful children but they have all been so different during the infant stage.

My oldest was an incredible sleeper and started sleeping through the night at only 4 weeks old and my second would only wake up once to nurse. So for all you sleep deprived parents out there, here are some helpful tips to get your baby to sleep better at night.

Dedicate Time

You can’t try these tips and in 3 days give up. You also can’t try to help your baby sleep better if you only have a night here and there to dedicate to. You need to give yourself as much time as it takes, whether that is a week or two.

Space Out Day Time Feeding

This is something our pediatrician told me to do and it has honestly helped so much. I’ve always nursed my son on demand, which meant he would eat anywhere from every 30 minutes – 2 hours, never going past the 2 hour mark.

Let Them Nap In Their Own Crib

Getting them familiar with their room and their bed will help nighttime a lot more. If they are unfamiliar with their space, they may get scared when they wake up at night not knowing where they are.

Set A Bedtime Routine

I never had a routine with my older two and never realized how important this step was until I had a baby that needed a routine. Whatever time you establish bedtime at, work your routine around that.

Always Put Them In Sleepwear

This one goes with the routine, but it’s so important. Babies, need to establish play clothes from sleep clothes and if your baby is sleeping in a bodysuit they normally wear during the day, they may think it’s time to play when they wake up at night.

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