How to Earn Free Gift Cards in 2022 (Even With Little or No Free Time)

Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free?! Whether it is a meal out, a new outfit, splurging on something for yourself, kids activities, saving up for birthday and holiday gifts, or paying for part of a vacation, did you know that you can earn free gift cards?

So whether you have no free time, small pockets of time while hanging out in the parking lot of your kids’ after-school activities, or an hour or two a day while your baby naps, you can earn free gift cards. Seriously. Here’s how!

Cashback shopping apps are generally easy to use, and points can add up quickly since many people grocery shop every week. Here are a couple of apps that allow consumers to earn gift cards once points build-up while doing their regular shopping. 

Cashback Shopping App

1. Fetch Reward

Fetch Rewards is an app that works with all major grocery retailers, so you can earn free rewards with your purchases by simply scanning your receipts. You can also collect points for shopping at convenience stores, drugstores, and big-box retailers.

2. Drop

Drop is another app that rewards users for shopping at stores that have partnered with Drop. However, instead of verifying purchases with receipts, you need to connect your bank account, as well as either your debit or credit card, so that it can track your purchases.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an app that asks users to share their opinions and online behaviors to help with market research. By completing online surveys and allowing the app to track online activities, users can get rewards to earn money paid via PayPal or receive free digital gift cards. 

2. Branded survey

Branded surveys also collect consumer responses for big companies to use and analyze for market research. The information will eventually be used by Fortune 500 companies and influence how they offer their products and services to consumers.

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