How To Choose Outfits For Family Picture

I love family pictures. LOVE. My family invests in yearly (or more often sometimes!) sessions because I value the moments that we can capture and have forever in print and digital form. 

Planning the look and style for your family pictures is going to vary each and every time you have them done. Styles change over the years, the session “theme” will change year to year and location change factors in as well. 

Start with a “Theme”

This may seem like a silly way to name the feel of your session but you really have to decide going in how you want the overall look of your pictures to be.

Choose a Location

Based off of the theme for your session, work with your photographer to choose a location that is perfect for your photos.

Choose Color

Colors and location can absolutely be switched up, depending on which is more important to you but I tend to choose colors after location.

Search Your Closet

Once I decide on colors, I go through the clothes my family already has. I tend to try and find at least one piece of clothing per person that goes with the color scheme.

Search Your Closet

Pro Tip: coordinate and compliment your colors, don’t match! The look of everyone in jeans and white t-shirts has passed. Different shades of the same color is ok and different patterns and textures are great too.

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