Hard Boiled Egg Creatures

I saw some of my friends posting the cutest ways they spiced up their hard boiled eggs yesterday on Facebook. Some people made chicks out of deviled eggs, some made bunnies out of hard boiled eggs. 

I wanted to try to make hard boiled egg bunnies and birds, but I also wanted to make it as simple as possible. I ended up doing bunnies and ducks. 


– Hard boiled egg – Baby carrot – Raisin – Chive – Knife

Slice a small amount of egg off the bottom. This will allow your egg to sit flat without rolling.

Time to get your ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, and beaks ready! Slice a carrot in half lengthwise. Cut the tips off of a carrot. Slice two raisins in half. Cut your chives into four short pieces.

Use your knife to poke slits where you would like to add the eyes, ears, nose, and whiskers on the bunny egg. Then carefully put the lengthwise cut carrots sticking up for the ears, the raisins for the eyes, the small piece of carrot for the nose and the chives for whiskers into the slits.

Moving on to the duck. About half way down the egg, slice around the white of the egg (as if you were cutting eggs to make deviled eggs). Place the raisins for eyes and the carrot tip for the beak!