Hamster Stroller Bags—Create more Stroller Storage and Keep your Kids Safer!

My family just recently took a day trip to the zoo and with being away all day with two kids, we found it difficult to put all of our kids’ necessities into one diaper bag. 

Hamster Stroller Bags, originally popular in the United Kingdom are two saddlebags that easily attach to each side of your folding stroller. 

A stroller tipping backwards can be a hazard to small children that could cause injuries easily prevented with a Hamster Bag attached to each side of the stroller!

Each Hamster Bag holds up to six pounds of supplies and features one main compartment, one exterior pocket (which is perfect for my wallet and iPhone) and a small interior mesh pocket, which I like to keep my keys and antibacterial lotion in. 

Not only do Hamster Bags provide wonderful extra storage for your stroller, they also can be easily removed and serve as a shoulder bag.

PRODUCT FEATURES:  – Includes two bags that fit on each side of a folding stroller. – Each bag holds up to six pounds of baby care items. – Distributes weight evenly on your stroller to prevent tipping.

– Storage bags can double as a carry-on shoulder bag. – Can stay on stroller when folded down. – Includes one main storage area with two smaller areas that are perfect for your cell phone, wallet and keys.