Grand Sierra Resort: Bringing Family Fun To Reno

Recently I had the opportunity to travel with my children to my Reno, Nevada. If you’ve never been there before, it’s time to plan your trip. 

If you have been there before but it’s been several years, it’s time to come back. Reno is changing and for the better. 

When traveling with a family, it’s hard to decide where you want to stay. Hotels that are safe, definitely take priority, but hotels that offer family friendly amenities, come in second.

Recently I took my kids to one of my favorite hotels in Reno – Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino has a lot to offer families.

Not only are there really cool places to eat like Cantina, Johnny Rockets and Yogurt Beach, but there’s a fun bowling alley and an outside area with a heated pool, hot tubs and even a splash pad area.

The pool area is impressive to say the least. Sure swimming year round is great, but the fire pit seating areas had us coming back every evening.

I will say, the service was extremely slow both nights we went down, but the area is still new and they were understaffed for the amount of guests.

When you are ready to call it a night, the rooms are incredibly spacious and quiet. Which is important when traveling with children.

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