Want to Make Money Working Out? Here’s How to Get Paid to Lose Weight 

What better incentive is there than to get paid to lose weight? Yes, you read that right! There are legit ways that help you consistently exercise and earn money at the same time. 

With digital dieting becoming the new weight loss coach and calorie tracker, it’s no surprise that many of the programs to help you get paid to lose weight are in the form of apps. Here are best Apps that Pay You To Work Out.

1. SweatCoin

SweatCoin is an app that tracks your steps, so the more you walk, the more you earn. You can earn around one SweatCoin (SWC) for every thousand steps.

2. DietBet

When you join DietBet, there are two options. One is called Kickstarter, which requires losing 4% in four weeks, and the other is called Transformer, where you must lose 10% in six months.

3. SticKK

SticKK is an accountability app that requires users to bet on themselves to meet their weight loss. Users of this app will only be winning their own money back. There is no additional prize money.

4. Evidation

Evidation is a health-tracking tool that rewards users for taking steps to improve their health and also participating in research. Evidation pays users cash to do healthy things such as walking, eating healthy food, and even sleeping.

5. WayBetter

This app is different because instead of tracking your progress based on how much weight you lose, WayBetter is more like a running club, so it measures your goals based on how much you run.

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