Gender Prediction Tests Put To The Test

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where there are a ton of unknowns, questions, and unpredictability. It’s a very exciting time in your life. 

When I talk to pregnant women or see some of the most searched terms when it comes to pregnancy, I see that SO many of us feel the urge to know what we’re having. 

I felt that urge when I was pregnant with my first child. We didn’t have the extra money to pay for an elective ultrasound, and so we waited until my 20 week appointment for gender confirmation.

I am now pregnant with my second child, and didn’t feel the urge to know right away. Sure, I wanted to know for planning purposes, but I didn’t feel like I was going to go crazy waiting for the results.

I put a lot of them to the test, asked doctors, ultrasound techs, and moms with multiple kids all about their gender theories and I’m here to share my results with you all today!

Morning Sickness: If you are dealing with bad nausea or vomiting, then it is a girl. – RESULT: GIRL Beauty and the Boy: If you are glowing and gorgeous, it is a boy. Acne and nastiness means a girl  – RESULT: GIRL

Gorgeous Locks: If your hair is gorgeous and strong, it’s a boy. Thinning or dull hair is a girl. – RESULT: BOY Eye Veins: Look deep into your eyeballs! If you have a V or Y shaped vein on the bottom of your left eyeball, it’s a girl. One on the right is boy. Both eyes is either twins or a girl. – RESULT: GIRL

Cravings, much?: If you are craving sour or salty foods, then it’s a boy. Sweetness cravings are a girl. Side Preference: If you prefer to lay on your Left side, then you are having a boy. Right side preference means a girl. – RESULT: BOY

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