Furby Connect

If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift, look no further than the Furby Connect!

This adorable little guy has come a long way from the original Furby years ago-the new Furby Connect technology has advanced to keep up with the times and we are loving every little bit of it!

Bluetooth connectivity  

The most notable feature of the new Furby Connect is the Bluetooth connectivity that helps the Furby Connect interact with you through an app on your mobile device.

Chosing the color

My son loves to hatch new “Furblings” to raise in the app along with his Furby Connect. Each time an egg is ready to hatch he giggles as he gets to see what their colors and personality will be.

Feeding app

He also enjoys feeding his Furby Connect through the app because you shoot it into it’s mouth with a food cannon! Watch your Furby Connect’s eyes to see what it is hungry for and send those foods from the app straight to the Furby Connect.

App turns into a toilet

What happens when your Furby Connect eats all it’s food? It has to go to the bathroom. The app turns into a toilet that you hold your Furby Connect over so it can go.

Sleeping of Furby Connect

No random chatter in the middle of the night OR when your child is trying to finish up homework. You can choose when your Furby Connect is awake and ready to play.

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