Fun Gender Announcement Idea

This is a fun one! Take a piece of wood or a posterboard and paint on the words “It’s A”.

Then, use clear contact paper and cut out the letters for “boy” or “girl”. Stick the contact paper onto the board and spray lightly with adhesive spray. 

Pull off the contact paper and take pictures as you blow glitter (you can use pink, blue, gold, whatever color!) onto the board! Slowly you will reveal if you are expecting a little boy or girl. 

Silly String Reveal

Why not stock up on some colored silly string?! Buy a bunch of pink or blue and make sure to cover it using kraft paper, wrapping paper, or something similar.

Push Pop Reveal

I was in love with these push pops the second I saw them. How absolutely modern and adorable are they?! Order them for either a girl or boy and they come all ready to reveal.

Boys with a Sister Reveal

Shannon from Portraits by S&S was expecting a girl after having three boys, and thought of the most clever way to reveal it!

A Christmas Reveal

Wanting to surprise some friends or family on Christmas morning? Use this fun idea with pink or blue glitter and give a really fun ornament as a gift to reveal.

Scratchers Reveal

This is a fun way to announce in person or from afar! Have these fun scratchers sitting out at a gender reveal party, or slip them in with a card to surprise everyone!

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