Fun Games to Enjoy: Ultimate List of Board and Video Games

Whether you’re looking to keep your family entertained at home, play games with friends virtually, or planning for your first gathering post-quarantine, why not try a social activity that can transport you to another world? Games!

It can be overwhelming to select fun games to play with friends or family with hundreds to choose from. Made by gamers, this Ultimate List of Board and Video Games guarantees a fun time, no matter the age group.

Wits & Wagers Board Game

Wits & Wagers is an award-winning and fast-paced guessing game that combines the most addictive parts of trivia games and gambling in a family-friendly fashion. You make educated guesses or make decisions on gut instincts as you bet everything for the chance to win more chips and wow your friends with your trivia knowledge.


Fans of Black Mirror will recognize this game as an episode title from the series. This game does require everyone to have a smartphone with the app, which allows you to access over 1,000 in-game prompts to help you create the picture-perfect life that can crack from the slightest misstep. It’s a great game to explore your strategic gameplay skills while interacting with the other players.

The Awkward Storyteller

The Storyteller chooses a card and reads the caption, starting the first line of a story that’s just waiting to be created. This is a bit like Round Robin if you have ever played that game. Each player asks the Storyteller questions from their own deck of cards, and it helps create a unique story that will never be created twice.

Drawing Without Dignity

If you’re looking to party without kids, pick-up Drawing Without Dignity because it’s NSFW and not family-friendly. In essence, it’s an uncensored Pictionary game that will cause you and your friends to draw the most inappropriate images, playing with naughty innuendos and having the time of your life during this evening of fun!

Cards Against Humanity

Oh, Cards Against Humanity. This game has countless hyperspecific expansion packs and is known for being the highlight of any party. If you already own the original box, look into exploring some of the most recent expansion packs to add a little spice into your game night.

Joking Hazard

Do you like sharing the hilarious Cyanide & Happiness webcomics with friends? Well, did you know that the geniuses behind the webcomic made a not-for-kids party game that’s just as cynical and hilarious? Joking Hazard is a 360-panel card game that helps you form millions of awful situations just waiting to burn down society with violence, friendship, and everything else you would recognize from the webcomics.

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