4 Fun And Unique Baby Shower Games

One thing that always overwhelms me when throwing a baby shower is wondering what games to play.

Incorporating games into baby showers always intimidated me. There are so many baby shower games out there— some cheesy, some fun. 

When it was time to have my baby shower I wanted to play games that were new, and that would get my guests excited. Here are four baby shower games.

The Bottle Race

One of my favorite games to play at a baby shower is the Bottle Race. It is one game that always stuck in my head after I first played it at a girlfriend’s baby shower.

The String Game

This has become a staple game at most baby showers. You can use a spool of string or a roll of toilet paper, the choice is yours.

Baby Shower Bingo

 To prepare for the Baby Shower Bingo ask all guests to bring 30 coins in any denomination—this could be pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters or a combination.

Midnight Messages

Get a pack of diapers and sharpie markers and lay them out on a table. Have your guests create a fun midnight message on the diapers for the parents-to-be.

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